Let's begin at the beginning. At two years old I was diagnosed with asthma...


I have been a massage therapist for over 17 years now. When I look back as to what led me down the path of such a profession, I realize helping people is just who I am.


After graduating from Texas Tech with my degree in Exercise Sports Science with a minor in nutrition, graduate school was the plan, but not in the cards.  On the recommendation of my dad, I looked into massage therapy and found a school in the little town of Eaton, CO. After a full year of school, my career began. Little did I know how much I would be blessed by my profession and my clients. To look ahead and think about life without either of them brings a tear to my eye. To prolong my massage career, I began to look into services that would continue my love for helping people.

In 2010, I had a dear friend introduced me to the amazing powers of essential oils. Since then my life and my family’s have not been the same! The first oil I was introduced to was RC, a blend that made a huge difference in my life when the wind blows in West Texas.  Since then they have played a roll in the health of my family both physically and emotionally.  I went on to receive additional training in a technique called Raindrop. I was certified by CARE (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education). This allowed me to introduce my clients to a whole new world of what the oils could do for muscles, joints, immune systems and relief for acute conditions. To date if a client leaves without at least peppermint on them I must have been asleep!


In 2017, I found myself watching a chiropractor I followed on periscope taking his entire family to a salt room in the Dallas area. Having been an asthmatic since I was 2 years old, so the thought of a therapy that would possibly alleviate symptoms that had plagued me for so long sounded too good to be true! I began to research Halotherapy and how I could bring it to Lubbock. In 2018, my first salt booth arrived mid April, sInce then It has changed rooms three times and now is located along side it's new partner our Salt and Sound booth. I am blessed beyond measure to be located in Foundation Health and Wellness where health is the main goal for all who enter our office! Thank you for allowing my small business to be a part of your wellness journey!




Jessica Spann

Licensed Massage Therapist